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Summer Journaling

A beautiful summer journal.  
What a wonderful project to engage in over the course of the season.  It is so simple, calming and in tune with nature.  Collecting from nature is a great learning tool for children, of course.  Though, couldn't we all benefit from a little meditative practice such as this?  To explore our world and document it, becomes beauty in itself. 

Here, Finnish artist and creator, Maija Ukko, from Ukkonooa, has made a journal for her daughter in such a do-able, yet beautiful way.  I am so glad to be able to share her inspiration.  I love how she bound the book, using a simple stitch through paper.  And the subtle use of paint over printed paper, creates such a great back drop for the nature collection.  It's just so pretty!  Thank you Maija, for sharing this beautiful 'Book of Summer'!  

Image Transfer onto Wood Crates

 Image transfer on wood crate

I am so happy to have found another wonderful artist and DIY-er who believes we all have the ability to be creative and imaginative in our own homes. Ananda's 'Habitat at Home' is sunny California.  Lucky her!  She is a landscape architectural designer, inspired by the nature she sees around her.  You can see her DIY projects and landscaping inspiration on her blog, A Piece of Rainbow.  

Here, Ananda has used a great image transfer technique, using wax paper and an ink jet printer.  I love how authentic it looks!   I chose this particular project, to show a new way of combing art with DIY.  It's so pretty.  See her easy-to-follow instructions on DIY: Pallet Wood Crates & Easy Image Transfer.

Art I love

My taste in art changes over time.  These days, I can't get enough of illustrative and watercolor works.  I like simple and whimsical.  One of my favorite bloggers, 'The Jealous Curator', always finds fascinating works of art to admire and ponder over.  Through her, I found this amazing artist and designer Danielle Kroll.   Below, are her sketchbook works and vacation photos transformed with a touch of art.  Both so great! 

Rainbow Ribbon Wands

ribbon wand

 A Rainbow Ribbon Wand for Your Summer Parties
What a great craft idea for the summer!  This rainbow ribbon wand will be a wonderful outdoor kids activity & game for our daughters upcoming birthday party.  They are so easy to make, we can have enough for all the kids to run around with them.  I can't wait to watch them in action!  It makes for a great party favor too.

Thank you to Twig & Toadstool for this gem of an idea! How to Make the Ribbon Wand.

A Father's Day Craft

This was the first time I've worked with clay since I can remember, and it was so fulfilling!  The feeling of using your hands to mold clay, just can't be beat.  The world is your oyster with the things you can create.  Plus, there are so many easy clays to work with, right out of your home.  No need for a kiln.

This project is so simple, it's a great one for children too.  It got a 5 star revue from Daddy!  He genuinely loves it, and finds it very useful.  A great success all around.  It's our 'Habitat at Home' clay catchall tray, for his change, keys and phone.  A little reminder of his family's love.  The perfect father's day present!

Homemade, Lapsang Souchong Tea Infused, Salted Caramel Marshmallows

A few years ago, I was wandering around the two very quaint, and adjoining, towns of New Hope and Lambertville, PA. It's one of those vibrant and pedestrian friendly places, with loads of unique shops and restaurants to savor.  A beautiful river runs between the towns, with adorable scenes to be had everywhere you look.