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Skewered Appetizers

No-cook appetizer ideas.

Skewered appetizers are a life-saver when you just don't want to cook. They can be sweet or savory. For kids or grown-ups. They really can be anything your heart desires. They are fun to put together and eye-catching.  I have made these many times, and every time it impresses! Here are some good ideas to start with. 

no-cook appetizers

Quick, simple, fun, and dressed to impress!

12 No-Cook Skewered Appetizer Ideas

1. Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes - Olives -  Bocconcini Mozzarella Balls

2. Strawberries - Mini Reese's Peanut Butter Cups - Marshmallows

3. A Variety of Gummy Candies (Swedish Fish, Worms, Sharks, etc.)

4. Cucumber - Blackberries - Fontina Cheese

5. Watermelon - Feta Cubes - Kalamata Olives

6. Doughnut Holes - Strawberries - Blackberries

7. Store-bought Angel Food Cake - Strawberries

8. Sliced Melon (Long Crescent Shaped) - Pepper

9. Sliced Mango - Paprika - Lime Juice

10. Raspberries - Bocconcini Mozzarella Balls - Mint Leaves

11. Cucumber - Watermelon

12. Italian Bread - Provolone - Salami - Banana Pepper - Cherry Tomato

Let your imagination go wild!

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