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How to Make a Felt House and Felt Garden Tools

The felt house and garden tools are part of a bigger garden project.  
To see that,  go to: 

To Make the House

1. Take a rectangle of stiff grey felt, and roll it into a cylinder, the size of the house you want.  Glue it into place with the glue gun.  

2. Cut out a large circle with soft, red felt.  Cut a line from the outside to the middle.  Then, fold it over into a roof shape.  Cut off excess. 

3. Apply a bead of glue around the top of the house.  Then, place the roof carefully on top. 

4. Cut out little white circles and a brown door, then glue them onto the roof and house. 

How to Make the Gardening Trowel and Rake 

1. Start by taking a small rectangle of stiff brown felt, and rolling it up as tight as you can.  Seal it closed with the glue gun.

2. Next, cut out the shapes of the trowel and shovel with stiff gray felt. Add a drop of glue to the tip of the handle, and insert the end into it.  

 How to Make a Watering Can

1. Cut out a small rectangle from stiff felt, create a cylinder and glue in place. 

2. To make the base, draw a circle around it with chalk to get the right size.  Cut it out, and glue it onto the base.  

3. To make the spout and handle, roll up a thin rectangle of stiff felt tightly and glue closed.  

4. Cut an angle where the spout meets the watering can, then glue in place. 

5. Do the same for the handle. 

There you have it! 
A house and tools for the garden.  

These features make it much more interactive for the kids to play.