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How to Make Felt Vegetables

These vegetables were made as part of a larger garden project.  
To see that, go to this page: 

How to Make Lettuce

1. Cut out about 6 little individual lettuce leaves with ragged edges. 

2. Group them up and tie them together tight.  
3. Insert the wire and glue with the glue gun. 

How to Make Felt Carrots

1. Cut out a small rectangle of orange felt and sew up one side of it. 

2. Turn it inside out, almost all the way.  Leave an indent for the top of the carrot. 

3. Make the carrot top by cutting out the jagged edged shape as seen here. Sew up the stem.  Then, with glue applied, insert it into the top of the carrot.  Squeeze the carrot closed around the carrot top while the glue sets it in place.

4. With glue applied, insert the wire into the bottom of the carrot, as shown here. 

How to Make a Felt Cabbage

1. Cut out a 5" felt circle.  It doesn't have to be perfect.

2. Draw a spiral, then cut along the line.

3. Roll it form the outside, and glue bottom in place.

4. Push the center down and apply a small circle of felt with glue, to show the cabbage head. 

5. Add drops of glue to the leaves and squeeze them in in places, to get the cabbage look. 

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