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Spring Cleaning

March has finally arrived!  Spring Cleaning will soon be upon us.  To avoid a nose-full of crazy chemicals, while you tackle your chore list, I have created 3 simple 'Habitat at Home' NATURAL cleaner recipes for you; plus a nice room spray to use at the end. They are all very effective and safe.   

homemade cleaners

To supplement the cleaners, I have also created a new way to keep to that chore list.  A list you cannot escape.  A list you will encounter every time you go to grab the bucket under the sink.  It will be there, staring you in the face, as a helpful reminder until it's complete!  

I present to you, The Spring Cleaning 'Bucket List', complete with your own homemade, safe and natural cleaners: 

spring cleaning

Let's get started with the recipes. . . 

1. Window Cleaner

1/2 cup water
1/4 cup alcohol
1/2 cup vinegar
1 Tbsp cornstarch

Windows do not show up well in photos.  But I promise you I tested this, and it work extremely well, with no streaking.  I was very impressed with the result.

Mix all the ingredients together in a spray bottle.
Shake before use.

 2. All-Purpose Cleaner

1/2 vinegar
1/2 water
15 drops sandalwood essential oil

Before & After
The sandalwood smells great, and is wonderful on wood furniture.

3. Bathroom Tile Cleaner

1/2 baking soda
1/2 water

Mix ingredients together.  
I used a chef's condiments bottle for this, which worked very nicely.
Shake before use.  

Before & After

With very little elbow grease, the tub stains cleaned right up. The baking soda does the work for you! 

The Cleaning Basics Trio is complete.

Now, for a little ambiance...

4. Room Spray

Here are a few blends to start with.  
Try experimenting with your own favorite combinations!

1/2 cup water
15 drops Jasmine essential Oil
15 drops Rose essential oil

1/2 cup water
15 drops Sandalwood essential oil
15 drop Sweet Orange

Mulled Spice
1/2 cup water 
5 drops Cinnamon Leaf essential oil
15 drops Sweet Orange essential Oil

Mix ingredients together and shake before use. 

With the shake of a lamb's tail, 
Spring Cleaning will be done!

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