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In an effort to expand our vegetarian repetoire, I tried Farro for the first time.  Farro is a wheat grain that was found in the ancient Egyptian tombs.  That had me interested right of the bat!  The night before, my husband and I were watching a SciFi movie which took place in ancient Egypt.  I think I had that on the brain, while wondering through the supermarket, to be honest.  A weird reason to buy it, for sure.  But, it's always fun to try new stuff, for whatever reason!

It turns out, Farro tastes great! It's still a common food around the Mediterranean.  It comes in a number of grades.  Some need pre-soaking, and some do not.  Read the label carefully when buying it.  It was delicious the way we had it, just boiled and tossed together with my favorite go-to ingredients.  It is commonly used in soups and stews, especially in Italy.  Though, being a wheat, it can also be cooked as a sort of porridge or oatmeal, with fruit and cream. 

This was a very easy recipe to start with.   I simply cooked it for about 25 minutes, and drained it.  Boiled my frozen edamame, and fried the artichoke hearts to give them some caramelization.  I then added dried cranberries and olives.  It was very tasty and made us feel great.  A healthy and hearty option. 

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