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3D Matisse with Kids

This project was a lot of fun!  I was sitting down with my kids to practice some simple Matisse inspired shapes, as it's a good project for scissor skills and thinking outside the box creatively.  When I started, my first shape happened to pop out a little.  Then I thought, this is great!  Let's make the whole thing 3D! It was surprisingly easy.

There are so many different ways to make a piece of paper stick up!

The shapes we cut, are entirely random.   The kids sometimes struggled with free-form cutting.   So, I had them first draw a shape and then cut it out.   That helped them a lot.  

To start, I simply had the paper, scissors and glue out for us all to use.  I first began doing it myself, and did not push too hard for them to take it on, as they looked a little skeptical.  It does look harder than it is.   I showed my 7 year old how to stick just pieces of a shape to have it stick up, and she got on a roll with it!  She then had the confidence to create her own pop ups and teach her 5 year old sister as well!  

She was, in fact, so proud of her piece, she had me hang it up on the wall along with mine.  Her's has far more bells and whistles : ).  It jingles like a musical instrument! 

This is a project I would certainly re-visit again in the future.  Perhaps we will create a little pop-up story book next time.  This is a concept that can really be taken a lot of directions.  

I hope you have a try at this too.  Make yourself a master piece! 

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